Key Personnel

Lindsay Tearman, Quality Assurance Manager

B.S. Zoology and Integrative Organismal Biology, Colorado State University (2004)
Originally from Texas, Lindsay brings to CH-P four years of experience as a Radiochemist and Data Analyst for ALS (formerly Datachem, Inc). In her work at ALS, she performed a wide variety of separation chemistry, isolation of radioactive analytes, and analyzed data by liquid scintillation, alpha spectroscopy, gas flow proportional counter, and gamma spectroscopy. She also reviewed new processes and drafts for development of new methods of chemical separation and ran trials that analyzed innovative new ways of obtaining data. Through her experiences, Lindsay has acquired excellent laboratory skills and an amazing ability to work with a wide variety of personnel and clientele. She works consistently with technicians and pathologists to promptly provide clients with superb data for both GLP and nonGLP projects.

Frank Aquino, Chief Histologist

ASCP Board Certified HT(1970), HTL (1982)
Frank has over 35 years experience in histology. His extensive background includes histology, tissue culture and animal necropsy at Abbott Laboratories and Industrial Biotest Contract Research Laboratories where he progressed to the position of Lab Director. Subsequently, Frank honed his technical and supervisory skills at Colorado State University, ranked second in the nation as one of the top Veterinary Teaching Schools, where he held various positions of increasing responsibility including Senior Technician, Supervisor of the beagle research laboratory, Histology Laboratory Coordinator and Supervisor of the Pathology Diagnostic Laboratory.


  • William Quinn, D.V.M., (1964), D.A.C.V.P.(1980)
    Dr. Quinn’s extensive experience in anatomic, serologic and clinical pathology spans several decades. His experience includes positions at the Center for Disease Control, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and Director of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Bozeman, MT. He has had leadership roles with several state and local veterinary medical associations including Regional Director. Furthermore he has served as an expert witness in several court cases regarding animal diseases.
  • Paul Hildebrandt, B.S. Bacteriology (1955), D.V.M. (1959), D.A.C.V.P. (1968)
    Dr. Hildebrandt experience spans several decades of wideranging experience. This includes Assistant Chief, Department of Veterinary Pathology, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Consultant to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Chief, Pathologist for U.S. Army Bioengineering Research & Development Laboratory, Director, Division of Pathology, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and Chaiman, Case of the Month Program, ACVP. Additional leadership positions have included President, ACVP. In March, he was awarded ACVP Distinguished Membership. Click here for more details.
  • Roland Gunther, B.A. Biology (1972), D.V.M. (1977), Ph.D (1983) D.A.V.C.P. (1991)
    Dr. Gunther has extensive research and clinical experience in diverse areas of pathology. This includes Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation and Associate Clinical Specialist, Research Animal Resources, University of Minnesota Medical School. Dr. Gunther is currently the Associate Director of the Research Animal Resources. In addition he is the Area Veterinarian, Specific Pathogen-Free Rodent Unit. Dr. Gunther has published extensively in diverse areas including immunohistochemistry.
  • Charlie Smith (Pathologist & Aquaculture Specialist), B.A. Biology (1960)
    Dr. Charlie Smith has had extensive experience in fish pathology. This has included leadership roles as Director, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bozeman, MT and Assistant Director, Bozeman FTC. Additionally, he has served as the President, Fish Health Section/AFS and as the Technical Advisor, Broodstock Nutrition. Dr. Smith has published extensively on diverse areas of fish pathology, including whirling disease.