Services Overview

CH-P services are delivered by experienced scientific and technical personnel. Utilizing the most sophisticated instrumentation available, our laboratory produces high quality slides, clinical chemistry and hematology data and fully integrated and detailed seamless pathology reports. CH-P is fully compliant with the FDA/EPA/USDA Good Laboratory Practices guidelines. This is ensured by our experienced Quality Assurance Unit that routinely performs a 100% data audit of all CH-P work that includes:

  • Histopathology

    • Trimming, embedding, processing, microtomy, including cryosectioning
    • Staining, including H&E, special stains and IHC
  • Clinical Pathology

    • Clinical Chemistry
    • Hematology
    • Urinalysis
  • Specialized Histopathology

    • Ocular
    • Decalcification including arthritis models
    • Device and implants including muscular, vaginal and subcutaneous
    • Fish, rodent, canine, equine, bovine, primate.