The CH-P Approach


Colorado Histo-Prep combines scientific integrity and quality with reliability, personal accountability and trustworthiness. Our objectivity is a direct outgrowth of our company’s independence. Our excellence stems from our expertise. Our reputation for client service results from our responsiveness. Every employee at Colorado Histo-Prep is empowered to infusing quality into all aspects of the clients’ projects. Total Customer Satisfaction is the #1 goal of CH-P.


Colorado Histo-Prep welcomes unique customer requests and will work together with our client to develop the most efficient and innovative solutions to meet specific scientific, regulatory, budgetary and management objectives. Clients can choose to outsource all or part of scientific projects to CH-P, freeing up their own resources or supplement their own resources by utilizing CH-P’s unique expertise.


For over 20 years, CH-P has innovated procedures and systems that allow our staff to accommodate critical deadlines and specialized client needs. These innovations include:

  • Data, tissue tracking and project management systems, the cornerstone of our efficiency and productivity
  • 100% histologic inspection of all tissue slides. Recuts and resubmits are taken by our technicians even prior to pathology review to meet our quality standards at no extra cost to the client.
  • Extensive review and documentation at every stage of slide, data and pathology report preparation thus ensuring complete and seamless data integrity.